Always a Scoundrel by Suzanne Enoch

The Notorious Gentleman series continues with Always a Scoundrel. Unfortunately for me, I can't remember the previous two installments. It's been too long between books or the characters just weren't that memorable. Probably a little of both. I do remember the back to back release of #1 and #2--which begs the question of why the long wait for #3?

Apparently, Avon's marketing department also forgot this was part of a series since the cover of this one bears little resemblance to the almost modern photo look of the other two.

Having read everything Ms. Enoch has written--including that very rare Black Duke's Prize--I have to rank this one as about mediocre. I miss her wit! The characters are still fine (with the villain in this one being particularly evil) but the interplay between the two main characters just doesn't shine as brightly as --say--Georgiana and Dare in the Rake.

It's still an entertaining read, but I wish Enoch would return to the writing style that endeared her to me in the first place.

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