The Virgin's Secret by Victoria Alexander

Alexander's newest book is a wonderful return to her historical romantic comedy roots. Much like the Marriage Lesson, the Virgin's Secret's charm lies in the dialogue and characters rather than the plot. The witty exchanges between the two main characters had me smiling from beginning to end.

I have a weakness for archaeological mysteries--especially those blended with romance--and this one fit the bill nicely. I loved the interplay between the family members, the continuing revelation of each layer of secrecy, and the light hearted way these two discover their feelings for each other.

My sole complaint is the awful title. While it makes sense within the context of the story and does not, in fact, refer to the heroine's sexual experience, it seems to recall the stereotypical and shallow romances of the past--one that most romance authors (including Ms. Alexander) have left far, far behind. It's a disservice to this wonderful book to have any connection to those trite pieces of writing. I nearly passed it by based on the title alone. Boo to the marketing department that let this title stand.


  1. Hi there...the title of this book sounds sexy and eye catching...I would probably pick it up on that note, but I do understand what you mean about it not fitting with the book itself. I wonder if this was the marketing approach they were taking? Anyways that's just my two bits, it sounds like a good read none-the-less.
    I finished reading a great book the other day called Cornfield Heiress, by an author I haven't heard much about, Errollynne Peters. It was a hot and sexy romance memoir/everything kind of book. I really genuinely enjoyed this book. It had a bit of everything in it and was never boring at all, and I learned a lot. I actually hope she writes another. She's a different kind of writer, in a good way of course.

  2. Well, that just goes to show that everyone reacts differently to titles and books :) I just thought it sounded a little too Georgette Heyer or Barbara Cartland for today's romances. I'll check out the book you mentioned.