Hump Day Grouchiness

It's hump day, midweek, and I'm feeling crabby.

I am feeling quite a bit like Bartleby, the Scrivener right now. I can think of tons of things I should be doing. But to each and every suggestion, my inner voice replies "I would prefer not to." Although, admittedly, I lack Barleby's emotionless tone and careless attitude. And am very much alive. I think. Yep, there's a pulse.

Wednesdays are kind of the bastard stepchildren in the book world. Monday is when we hear all of the good gossip. Tuesdays are the new release days where lots of shiny new covers tempt us. Wednesdays? Nothing.

So, in honor of the most boring day of the week, and my general grouchy mood, I'm designating Wednesday as watch a classic movie day.

Today's movie is To Catch a Thief starring Cary Grant and Grace Kelly. It's a romance. And a mystery. And a caper movie. And did I mention it's directed by Alfred Hitchcock? And filmed in France? Mood lifter indeed! No, this isn't a deep movie. It's completely predictable. But it is one that I enjoy watching just to follow the chemistry between Grant and Kelly.

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