My Husband's Birthday Present

Ok. I try not to do any product recs here, although I do post a cookbook review or two. But I just had to post something about the newest BBQ gadget I bought for my husband's birthday. It has a really long name: The ProQ™ Cold Smoke Generator. A fancy, technical name for what has to be the coolest, low tech BBQ gadget ever. Seriously.

My husband is the chef in the family. His spareribs are famous among our family and friends. He has a smoker, a grill, and just about every gadget known to man. But what he didn't have was a way to cold smoke effectively. Until now.

I ordered a Cold Smoke Generator directly from the UK for him. And by the end of the day I gave him his present,  I had enough smoked cheese for our house and most of the family. There's no learning curve. It is so simple to use. My husband could not be happier. And I get him to cook for me, which makes me happy, too. [ In fact, he asked me to post a blog review, he was so happy. The only time he's ever asked me to do so.]

You can find the ProQ Cold Smoker Generator at MacsBBQ. It uses a really fine sawdust that I was unable to find locally, though, so I ordered some from a site called Smokinlicious. If I hadn't already bought this for his birthday, it would be a great Father's Day present.

Note: It took about 3 weeks for delivery from the UK, but I have a feeling the delay was due to the Icelandic volcano, which disrupted air travel and airmail worldwide.

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