Review: The Panther's Lair by Esmerelda Bishop

Format: Ebook
Publisher: Carina
FTC: Book received for review from publisher

Generally, I like shifter romances or erotic short stories. But there is one common thing found in them that I just can't stand: the instant lust and 'you are my soul mate' routine. Maybe it's from OD-ing on Christine Feehan's Carpathian and Jaguar series but that plot device bugs the hell out of me. It's a shortcut to developing a relationship and allow for instant sex scenes. And I find it lazy.

Sydney goes to a club to find someone to have anonymous sex with. While there, she hooks up with the bar club's owner, Raimond. Her plans for no strings sex go awry quickly however when Raimond recognizes her as his mate and refuses to forget about Sydney.

Everything about this story just rubbed me the wrong way. It had some good parts, but the reliance on shortcuts and unappealing characters made this a below average read for me.

My Grade: C-


  1. Good review!!! I have wanted to read this one!!! I agree that even though I love Feehan (as she is one of my favorites to read) the one thing that really bugs me about this style of books, is that there isn't much work put into the relationship especially on the male side of things. I personally think they should work tons harder than they do!!! LOL What do you think?

  2. @ Lover of Romance
    I love Feehan, too, but it seems like shifter type romances use that whole 'life mate' thing to get around actually having a relationship between the two. Bugs me to no end. At least Feehan's heroines make the guys work for it. :D