Hump Day Classic Movie: Mad Monster Party (1967)

I just realized I missed last week's hump day post! Ack! How about two movies today?

We'll start with a lesser known stop motion animation classic: Mad Monster Party. Some giants in the movie industry stepped in to voice a few of the characters, but the two standouts for me are Boris Karloff and Phyllis Diller. Mad Monster Party features just about every classic monster you can think of and some very silly music.

For the bonus movie, I'll have to go with the one movie that used to scare me silly as a child: The Watcher in the Woods. Creeped me out to no end when I was little. It's less scary now, but still pretty creepy. The movie stars Bette Davis, but also has a much younger David McCallum in it! That's Donald "Ducky"Mallard of NCIS fame, although he's had a long and successful career in other roles.

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