Review: Winter Wishes (anthology) by Vivian Arend, Vivi Andrews, and Moira Rogers

Format: ebook
Pub Date: December 6, 2010
Publisher: Carina Press
FTC: Digital copy received through Netgalley

The Blurb:
A Twist on Tradition
A woman has the Christmas Eve from Hell. Two cat shifters play naughty games. And a witch brings out the beast inside the man. The magic of the season takes on a whole new meaning in these three fantastic—and festive—novellas from some of the best voices in paranormal romance.

I know I'm a bit tardy getting this one published. The holidays are over, but I am one of those readers who can read holiday stories any time of year.

I don't think I've read a holiday novella collection quite like this one. I'm a big anthology fan in general. Anthos allow me to sample new-to-me authors without the time commitment of an entire full-length book. And the inclusion of a better known author will help get me to pick up the book...something the marketing pros at the publishers clearly know.

I was familiar with Moira Rogers' writing, but had never read either of the other two authors featured here. While I enjoyed all 3 stories, I was surprised that it was the middle one, the one about angels no less, that captivated and surprised me.

Tangled Tinsel by Vivian Arend

My least favorite of the three, this is a shifter story about cats. Extremely big, extremely horny cats. I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it either. For my personal tastes, and considering the shorter length, I think the sex to plot ratio was a bit skewed.

The characters were well done, but I had some major problems with the plot and pacing. The investigation/police aspects were never really fleshed out. Nor were the obviously complex social rules of the cat society. I think the overall length really didn't work for the story the author was trying to tell.

My Grade: B-

No Angel by Vivi Andrews

I have to admit, this one surprised the hell out of me. I don't like angel stories. I'm not religious and have little tolerance for even a whiff of it in my stories. But this was a kick-ass story. About angels. And demons. And had the clearest, funniest, unexpectedly snarky voice I've read in a long time.

The characters were complex, fully developed, and totally believable. And I found the whole concept of angels as celebrities to be unique and original. Plus I found myself smiling with amusement through the whole thing.

My Grade: A-

Freeze Line by Moira Rogers

This was very different from the Moira Rogers stories I've read previously. Set in a world not quite our own, with witches and werewolves unlike those in the Sanctuary stories. I liked it, but again, didn't feel like I connected with the main characters in the way I prefer.

The story didn't move me in the way I'm used to being moved by these authors. It's still a worthwhile story, but just didn't click with me.

My Grade: B

For those who aren't as fond of anthologies as I am, here's the good news: each of these novellas is also available for purchase separately. 

Tangled Tinsel by Vivian Arend
No Angel by Vivi Andrews
Freeze Line by Moira Rogers

Winter Wishes Anthology

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