Year-End Review 2010

One thing I can say about this year...I should have kept better track of what I read. Even using Goodreads, I don't have quite as much info as I'd like.

I fulfilled one of my goals for the year, though. I more than doubled the number of posts I made to the blog compared to last year. And I think I livened up the topics a bit, too. 

Total Books Read: 95
(not including rereads or audios I've read in print)

Total Books Reviewed: 84
(including cookbooks and audios I've already read in print)

Not too shabby, really, considering I always feel like I should be reading more than I am. That's 1.8 books per week. 

For this year, I'm hoping to write a few more posts about trends I see, highlighting more authors I've discovered, and in general, diversify the blog a little bit more. Maybe even read a few more mysteries than I did last year. I am a few books behind on the Temperance Brennan series by Kathy Reichs, and I still have most of the In Death series to listen to on audio. And I have one last Sookie Stackhouse to listen to as well.

What changes or additions would you like to see on the blog for 2011? What are your personal goals for the new year?

I hope everyone has a wonderful 2011!

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