Brian Jacques Dies at Age 71

BBC News reported that Brian Jacques, author of the very popular Redwall series, died over the weekend.

When I first heard the news on Twitter via Publishers Weekly, I admit it: I cried.

I had never heard of the Redwall series when I was young. The first book, Redwall, was published in 1986, but it wasn't until a decade later, while taking a Children's Literature course in college that I discovered the magic of Brian Jacques.

The premise of the books sounds so silly. Furry rodents and other creatures in a medieval like setting having battles, eating yummy sounding food, and going on adventures. But Jacques managed to put so much heart into his books. They are truly moving, very engrossing, and timeless.

These are a perfect example of books that transcend genres and age groups. To some, they are written for children. But these are full length novels that I quite often found shelved in the adult fantasy section. My personal favorite is not Redwall, but Mossflower. I haven't reread those in a long time, and I know a few of the series is available on audio. I think it may be time to introduce these books to my own children.

I am a little heartbroken that there will be no more Redwall adventures. But I am so grateful that Brian Jacques left us the rich legacy of his stories. For those who haven't read his stories, I highly recommend them.


  1. I have not read these books yet, but I've heard they are wonderful. I hope my children will read them.

    Diana @ Book of Secrets
    & The Forbidden Bookshelf

  2. I loved reading the Redwall series with my daughter -- we also read some of his stand-alones, like The Castaways of the Flying Dutchman.

  3. @Diana,

    These are epic books. I love them.

    I never managed to read one of the non-Redwall books. In fact, I think I'm probably about 4 or 5 books behind in that series, too. Still...love them.

  4. Brian Jacques' books are truly what defined my childhood. If anything, it was his imagination and moving tales of right and wrong, love, courage, heroics, laughter, life, and death, that shaped me into who I am today. Even as a teen quickly entering the young adult world [legally and intellectually], I am perpetually grateful for Jacques' story-telling genius and his generosity in sharing such magic with us all.