Can't Attend a Romance Convention? Read About One Instead!

I am lucky enough to be winging my way to L.A. right about now. Or at least shouldering my way through the crowded airplane to find a squished middle seat somewhere. But for those of you stuck at home, here's a list of books that mention or take place at/during a Romance Convention.

And yes, Romance Convention should be capitalized because it's just that awesome.

I have to start with the best one in my humble opinion:

Single White Vampire by Lynsay Sands

Not only does a hefty portion [heh] of this book take place at the RT Convention, but it is so freaking funny that you'll be howling with laughter. The premise alone is worth a chuckle: a vampire who writes family histories that are marketed as fictional historical romances. And who is coerced into attending the RT Convention.

Want something a little less obvious? Or more snarky?

Elizabeth Peters has an old one called Die for Love featuring her Jacqueline Kirby character. It takes place at a fiction romance convention, but many of the scenes will ring true for those familiar with the romance scene.

Maggie by the Book by Kasey Michaels is another mystery meets romance book set at a fictional writers' convention, aptly called WAR (We Are Romance.) The Maggie series is a bit odd, since it features a main character who is a current mystery and former romance writer. The odd part is that her creation, a Regency aristocratic detective, has appeared in corporeal form outside of her book! And has brought his sidekick along.

I have also informed me that the last book in Nora Roberts's Dream trilogy also features a romance convention.

Anyone else have a convention book (in any genre) that should be added to the list?

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  1. Die for Love is one of my favorites! In general, I love stories about books and writers. I can't think of any other books set at conferences, though.