The last RT post this year, I promise!

I might have gone a smidge overboard with the conference posts, but it was my very first conference and must be properly documented. Says me.

Anyhoo... here's a roundup in pictures of everything I couldn't squish into the other posts. Apologies for the mismatched sizes etc. My html skills suck.

Faery Ball pics

Golden Heart finalist Erin Kelly
and aspiring author (and OB/GYN)
Tiffany R.

Mr. Romance pics 

And, of course, our winner...Len:

and what RT post would be complete without THE most photographed cover in promo alley?


  1. Don't apologize! Since I couldn't be there, it was awfully fun to see your pictures and hear all about it.

  2. @Phyl,

    Thanks!I was afraid I was going a tad overboard. Actually, I have so many pictures, it was difficult to choose which ones to post :) Except, of course, for a few times where I forgot my camera. I blame exhaustion. I had a great time, but RT was intense.