TBR Challenge Review: How to Woo a Reluctant Lady by Sabrina Jeffries

Publisher: Pocket
Format: Mass Market
FTC: Purchased myself

Why it was in the TBR: I bought this when it first came out in February, got about halfway through it, then set it aside. Not because I didn't like it, but because I got distracted by other authors and shiny newer releases.  Since it fit perfectly with this month's theme, I decided to pull it back out again, saving it from languishing on the "get to eventually" TBR currently residing in boxes.

I read the first book in this series, but not the second. How to Woo a Reluctant Lady (HTWARL) is the 3rd in the "Hellions of Halstead Hall" series. [I'm not sure why, but long pretentious series titles irritate me. Especially multi-syllabic ones with cutesy alliteration. Which is weird, because I usually love alliteration. Anyhoo...] Thankfully, HTWARL is fine as a stand-alone book.

What makes this book is the hero, Giles. He's very intelligent, very arrogant, but also sexy and determined. I loved the trial details and the focus given to his profession. He's a very yummy barrister who *gasp* works for a living. I found that refreshing. I also liked that our heroine, Minerva, grows to understand and respect what he does.

The story is fantastic until about midway through, when it loses steam for some reason. I'm sure that's probably why I ended up putting it aside. It's not bad, but it definitely loses something. Especially when Giles decides to lie to Minerva within a week or so of promising honesty. If he can't keep a promise for a week, how is he supposed to keep his vows for a lifetime?

Overall, though, I enjoyed the book. Especially Giles. Yes, I've said that already, but he is memorable. And that's a rarity these days among the throngs of arrogant historical heroes.Those who dislike Regency or early Victorian spies should avoid, though, as there is a bit of that type of activity in the story.

My Grade: B-

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