Hump Day Classic Movies: Highlander (1986) Flash Gordon (1980)

I was listening to Queen on the way home the other day and got to thinking about how many movies during the 1980s featured their music. At least a handful.  But there are two movies that feature so many songs, I immediately think of them when the songs are playing.

Flash Gordon is a truly awful film. It's in the so bad it's funny genre. I suspect it was meant to be, but was a box office flop anyway. The actors who play Flash and his love interest are truly terrible actors. But there's also Timothy Dalton and Max von Sydow. You can find the soundtrack as a digital download.

The other big movie featuring Queen's music was, of course, Highlander. Personally, I am not a huge fan of the movie. It's ok. There's just too much sword play for me. And I can't stand Christopher Lambert. But the music? Love it.

But both films do have cult followings, so what do I know? If you haven't watched either of them, you should definitely give them a try. Even if you have to shut your eyes and just listen to Brian Mays's songs.

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