TBR Challenge: Saddled and Spurred by Lorelei James

Format: Trade paperback
Pub Date: March 2011
Publisher: Signet
Length: 328 pages
FTC: received at a signing at RT

Late again... but I have an excuse this time. I was on vacation with no access to the internet.

The theme this month was western, and since historical westerns are my least favorite genre, I picked a contemporary that I received at this year's RT Convention. I figured that it's better to whittle from the top, considering how many books I brought home from that trip that ended up languishing in the TBR.

I normally love Lorelei James. Her books are spicy, but always seem to have some excellent characters with real emotion, real problems... Despite what can often be wall to wall sex scenes, I'm never really tempted to skim.  Unfortunately, that was not the case with Saddled and Spurred.

I can't quite figure out what's wrong with this book, except to say that after reading 150 pages of it, I didn't care to read further. It's just completely uninteresting to me. No memorable characters, no real humor or emotion. Nothing to keep me reading further. Very unusual for this author. It could also be the different publisher, because all of the other ones I've read have been published with Samhain.

I'm not sure if that counts as having "read" the book, but I made it about halfway through before throwing in the DNF towel. But at least it's no longer hanging around the old TBR.


  1. You read half - I'd count it :) Also, it's now out of your TBR, and that's always a sense of achievement even if the book in question wasn't a success for you.

    I had a tough time this month too - and I LOVE westerns. DNF'ed a contemporary and chucked two historicals pretty quickly. Finally settled on a inspirational that I ended up not being totally thrilled with - but dang, it was readable. Which is more than I could say about the three books I discarded.

    1. That is odd that we both had a hard time, especially how much you love westerns :) I rarely DNF, although I seem to be getting more ruthless.

      Hopefully next month will be better for us both.