Our Black Friday Tradition

Our family pretty much ignores the Black Friday shopping madness. And the fact that it seems to have overtaken the Thanksgiving holiday makes us extra cranky.  So instead of going shopping, we make a day trip to visit a museum. It's lovely, because most people are out shopping, and we tend to have the places almost completely to ourselves.

Last year, we visited the National Automobile Museum. This year, we visited the Nevada State Museum and the Nevada Railroad Museum.

For a small museum, the firearms exhibit isn't too shabby. Here is a blunderbuss, something that seems to come up quite a bit in historical romance.

The engraving on some of the guns was pretty spectacular.

 I just thought these keys were cool.

The boys had fun at the railroad museum, especially when they got to run a hand car up the rails.  The Carson City museum has several gorgeous steam engines, including the silver screen favorite, the Inyo.

I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday, and maybe even got some reading done!


  1. What a great Thanksgiving tradition! And boys of all ages seem to love trains. :)

    1. They sure do! I think it's great that the museums are slowly restoring the old trains that were both beautiful and functional.