TBR Challenge Review (March): Hunter's Prey by Moira Rogers

Format: ebook
Publisher: Samhain
Pub Date: March 2012
Length: 137 pages
FTC: Purchased myself

March's theme was a series you're behind in. That describes pretty much every series I read (with the exception of Patricia Briggs's Mercy Thompson series and Ilona Andrews's Kate Daniels series).  But since last month was crazy busy with real life obligations, kiddo related craziness, and other time consuming "stuff," I'm just now getting around to posting the review.

I read the first installment in this series when it was an ARC. You can read my review here. I bought the next in the series, intending to read it immediately, but then...life happened. So, yea for this challenge, which guilts me into trimming down the pile.

While I loved the initial installment in this series, this one just didn't click with me. It could be because I had forgotten the details of the previous book, but all that means is that this really isn't a stand-alone story. And it isn't. I liked the atmosphere, the action and everything else, but the characters did not have any emotional depth for me. I wasn't invested at all in either character's story. That could be the result of my reading-slump-from-hell, but I suspect I would have liked this one more if I had gone back and refreshed my memory with Wilder's Mate.

To sum it up: I wish there were more pining. It could be the shorter format, but I wanted more tension leading up to the New Moon drama. Only 20% in, and we have that sexual tension undercut.  There was only a scene or two between Hunter and Ophelia before we get page after page of Bloodhound sexual escapades. I don't mind the volume or explicitness of the sex scenes, but I wanted a lot more angst and longing before it happened.  Some real emotional hurdles to overcome before we got to that point.

Still, this is an intriguing take on the vampire/werewolf lore. The Weird West feel continues to be unique to this series, and it's something I'm looking forward to reading more of. But next time, I will do a quick reread, so I can get more world building and a refresher of the character arcs.

My Grade: C+

The Blurb:
He can't fight his inner beast, but she can tame it.
Bloodhounds, Book 2
Ophelia retired from life as a prostitute, but her new position is even more complicated. Managing the bloodhound manor in Iron Creek is difficult and time-consuming, a job she enjoys less with each passing day. Then there’s her inconvenient attraction to Hunter. The newly turned hound seems eager to enjoy her company, but wary of anything more intimate.

Having survived the violence of his first full moon out of a cage, Hunter isn't looking forward to his first new moon. Ophelia offers to be the woman who sates his needs during the three long days of sexual fury, but he can't abide the thought of hurting her in a state of mindless lust. Especially since she longs to settle into a respectable life, and his needs are anything but respectable.
Their mutual goal is simple: avoid entanglements. It’s a solid plan, at least until a vampire drug lord and a couple of nosy Guild representatives force them to work together to defend their friends and everything they hold dear—including each other.

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