Hump Day Classic Movie: All Through the Night (1942)

I thought I had seen most of the Bogart movies out there, but I had missed this one. It's surprisingly timely, considering it deals with wartime espionage and was released just a few months after the US's entry into WWII (although the war started in 1939 in Europe).

My favorite part of the whole movie is that Bogart's character, Donahue, gets involved in an investigation of sorts because his favorite cheesecake is missing from the restaurant he visits. He's a stickler about his cheesecake.
 How awesome is that? Can you think of another movie where the plot revolved around cheesecake snobbery?

What made this a little different for me was that he isn't a detective. He's not a nightclub owner. He's a gambler. He's got a crew, and you can be pretty sure he's not really right with the law, either. Kind of a reluctant do-gooder role, which I've always thought were his best ones.

This also stars Peter Lorre, who I also adore. All Through the Night is available on Netflix or you can buy it from Amazon.

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