Be Still My Vampire Heart by Kerrelyn Sparks

Kerrelyn Sparks is quickly becoming a favorite paranormal romance author. Her series is a wonderful blend of romance, fantasy and humor similar to Lynsay Sands. Her characters in the Love at Stake series are always wonderfully believable and very unique. Each one with his or her own quirks, dreams, weaknesses, and motivations. Be Still My Vampire Heart is no exception.

Because I started the series in the middle (and there is a chronology of sorts), reading backlist titles by Sparks means that I already know who hooks up with whom. I'm not sure if that helps or hurts the book's plot for me. But with Be Still My Vampire Heart, it means that two important characters who appear throughout the series have to have a strong story of their own. And they do.

Angus is one of my favorite characters. A little old-fashioned. Even a little curmudgeon-ish.
Emma is a perfect match for his "antiquated" notions of honor because she follows her own code--one that does not always mesh with modern mores. And she can appreciate Angus's character traits that are often politically incorrect--without taking offense. Because while Angus is protective, overbearing, dictatorial and gruff, he never treats Emma as somehow less than he is. He respects her. And that is a crucial element.

Sparks's story is not frivolous. There are some serious issues being dealt with. But her characterization and dialogue is so funny, that you find yourself smiling along. Particularly when Angus checks under his kilt to make sure his important bits arrived safe and sound during vampire transit.

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