Storm of Shadows by Christina Dodd

Christina Dodd's second paranormal romance series is perhaps more intriguing than her first. It is a lovely combination of archaeological mystery (a particular favorite of mine) and romance. With a little paranormal Good vs. Evil battle going on as well.

Although I *wish* Ms. Dodd would have strayed a little further from stereotype (must the unworldly, dowdy librarian be a woman?) I concede that it's easier and more marketable to cast the characters in their expected roles.

This is the second in the series, and I have not read the first installment. It's easy to see I would have gotten a bit more from the story by reading the first novel, but it wasn't necessary. This book stands on its own.

While the main characters are well crafted, the secondary characters are not always so vibrant. Some are memorable, others not so much. Presumably we've either already read about them or will read about them, but the other Chosen Ones are often more sketchily drawn than incidental characters who appear throughout the novel.

The story takes some intriguing twists and turns, with multiple changes in pace and plot. I did find myself thrown out of my reading stride, however, by some choice phrases that I sincerely hope the author meant to be humorous.

an erection so big, King Kong could have climbed it holding Fay Wray in his palm.  Aaron could almost see an atomic blue glow coming from his balls.

That was not the only laugh-out-loud line in the book, but it was by far the strangest.

Overall, it was a fun read.  It's definitely a nice change of pace from the many werewolf, demon, vampire books dominating the paranormal genre these days. This is far more spiritual and magical. More elemental. And for that alone, it's worth a read.

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