I've got the Can't Stay Focused Blues

Something about the post-holiday let-down is making me not want to read anything. At all. I've actually been finding "spring cleaning" chores around the house rather than reading. And that's just not like me.

I have started and put down a whopping 4 books in a row. Just not in the mood for any of them. The last one I did finish, I hated. Maybe that's it.

So...while I continue to struggle with the newest Christina Skye (I usually love Draycott Abbey stories), I'm debating picking up an old favorite to reread.

My usual go-to books are Devil's Bride by Stephanie Laurens, A Secret Love by Stephanie Laurens, or The Lady in Red by Karen Hawkins. All, oddly enough, historicals.

What are your favorite rereads?

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