Review: At The Bride Hunt Ball by Olivia Parker

At the Bride Hunt Ball isn't brand spanking new...it came out last year. Somehow, I missed it. Which is a shame, since it's VERY funny.

The plot is a Regency play on the TV formula of the Bachelor...where young hopefuls compete against each other for the chance to be the bride of the Duke's younger brother. (Or the heir as the duke has sworn off matrimony).

The cast of characters is pretty typical and unsurprising. There's the normally taciturn duke, the shallow bachelor, the shy wallflower in love with the bachelor, the overbearing parents, the catty fellow contestants, and the spunky main character who reluctantly enters the contest under protest.

For all that the plot progresses exactly as you'd expect, I still enjoyed the journey. The characters might be stereotypical, but they're well done. And the dialogue and interaction between our hero and heroine is snappy, funny, and really quite sweet.

Nothing is a surprise here except how much I enjoyed the book. Parker's writing style should appeal to fans of Julia Quinn or Jacquie D'Alessandro. Light, fun, fluffy, historical fare.

My Grade: B

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