Favorite Rereads aka the Comfort Read

With so many books coming out each month, it takes a rare book to get me to sit down and reread it.  My TBR pile is already sky high, but there are a few go-to books that help me out when I'm in the middle of a reading slump or just too tired to read anything new.

A few of my favorites:

The Viscount Who Loved Me by Julia Quinn.
I don't love all Bridgertons equally, I'm afraid. This one is definitely my favorite of the series. It has far more emotional depth than most of the others. Kate and Anthony during the storm scene is permanently etched in my romance drenched brain.

A Secret Love by Stephanie Laurens
While I love most of the early Bar Cynster series, Gabriel and Alathea's story is my favorite. The childhood friends turned lovers trope is my absolute favorite. And the characters here are so well done. Not to mention this one is scorching hot!

Lady in Red by Karen Hawkins
Okay. I admit it. Part of the reason I love this book is that the heroine's name is Honoria Baker-Sneed. But honestly, I love the entire Baker-Sneed family here. This is the last of the Talisman ring series, and while I like the rest of the series also, this one is special.

Single White Vampire by Lynsay Sands
This  dates back to the first few of the Argeneau series. Honestly, I think it's the first romance I read that literally had me laughing so hard I was crying. A vampire romance novelist. And the lampoons directed at the fictional version of the RT convention are equally funny. Clever and light-hearted, this book highlights what is great about this series--even if Sands seems to have drifted away from this type of slapstick humor.

Crocodile on the Sandbank (Amelia Peabody, Book 1) by Elizabeth Peters
I love the entire Amelia Peabody mystery series, but the first book holds a special place in my heart. I love watching Amelia and Emerson fall in love while chasing after perambulating mummies and trying to save priceless Egyptian antiquities. Plus--Amelia has an outrageous vocabulary which is so fun to read.

So, what are your favorite books to reread?


  1. The Viscount Who Loved Me is definitely on my list of comfort reads. It's my favorite of the Bridgerton books and was the one that hooked me in. Most of Julie Garwood's Highlands books are also ones that I reread a lot when I'm in a funk.

  2. Oh, I had forgotten about Garwood's historicals. I love those, too. Wish she had written more of them.