Review: the Darkest Passion by Gena Showalter

I really wanted to like this book. I've heard great things about the author. Great things about this series. But unfortunately, The Darkest Passion failed to connect with me.

My main problem was with the angel, Olivia. Her naivete came across as blond bimbo-ish instead of unworldly. And her abrupt transition into a sexual being didn't help that impression. Aeron's character was better, but still lacked the emotional depth I was expecting.

 It could very well be that this book was not one to read out of order. It is not a stand-alone story but part of the Lords of the Underworld series. There was such an excess of back story here that the main characters got lost. The romance got lost. And I got lost as well. There was simply too much going on and very little emotion involved in any of it. At least between Aeron and Olivia.

The book did improve, but it wasn't until the last 1/4 that I felt at all connected to the characters. And, for the most part, the characters I connected with *weren't* the main characters, but those on the edges of the story.

Considering the number of people who love this author and series, I'm thinking it's just me. This didn't work for me at all.

My Grade: C-


  1. Bummed you didn't like this one. I enjoyed it although the other female characters in the previous books were definitely stronger and more intriguing.

  2. @Debbie,

    I think part of the reason I didn't connect with this book is because it's clearly in the middle of a series, and I haven't read the others. It could be just me, or just this book, though because I have since read a novella from Showalter's Alien Huntress series and liked it much more than this one.

  3. I would definitely start reading the series from the start. A lot of the banter and history helps the story flow more smoothly. Aeron was my least favorite of all the lords but I can't wait to find out the stories of the remaining ones.