Cookbook Review: Fine Cooking Appetizers

Pub Date: November 2010
Publisher: Taunton
FTC: Digital galley via Netgalley

I love appetizers. I love appetizer-only meals even more. It's like sanctioned snacking. You can take a culinary tour with just a few bites and feel like you've eaten more than you have.

What I'm not so fond of is pretentious food and that's what Fine Cooking Appetizers is filled with. It's from the editor's of the Fine Cooking Magazine, which on the whole I've found unpretentious and versatile. I want recipes I can make for my friends. Recipes that have easy to find ingredients. I don't mind fussy, but I do want something that appeals to palates beyond the sophisticated foodie.

Out of the very large book, I found only a half dozen recipes I would even consider making. And nearly all of those were in the Sips and Sweets category.

This book may very work well for those who want something sophisticated. But it doesn't work well for those who want to use ingredients from the supermarkets or for those who want a good go-to appetizer book for any occasion.

My Grade: C


  1. Hmm, interesting. I was eyeballing this book as I am a fan of finger food. Was the "Sips and Sweets" cocktails and dessert type dishes?

  2. Dhympha, Yes, that's exactly what it was. Cocktails and desserts in snack size portions. Those recipes were more "normal," meaning I wouldn't have to go on a three store quest for ingredients.

  3. Well, that is a shame. I have been looking for a new nibbley cookbook.