Happy Valentine's Day!

I know many of you out there are Valentine's Day scrooges. That's ok. I agree with you that the holiday is commercialized. And for some provides an excuse to be unromantic the rest of the year.

I'm neither a fan or a hater. I celebrate it with a few extra smooches for my sweetie or my kids. I break out the heart shaped cookie cutter for extra special PB&Js. And I don't turn down any chocolate or flowers that might come my way (although this year's gift was the complete series of the Powerpuff Girls on DVD). But the house isn't overcome in shades of pink and red and there are very few hearts in sight.

So, for those who celebrate and those who don't, I wish you happy Monday/Valentine's Day. I hope it's better than mine. I woke up to snow, wind, and 2 downed sections of fence. :)

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