Review: Zombie Cupcakes by Zilly Rosen

Format: Paperback
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Pub Date: February 15, 2011
FTC: Digital copy received for review from Netgalley

I love cupcake and decorating books. And I really, really love Halloween. Even gross Halloween decorations. I have a brain mold for making floating brains for punch bowls. I have severed limbs that look all bloody. But even *I* was grossed out by some of the projects.

The designs are exactly what they claim to be: zombie themed. But I found the designs on some to be a bit uninspired. Others, I found just too gross to contemplate.

The book's design is quite cute, though, and it is stuffed full of zombie trivia. It's also small enough and cheap enough to make a great gag gift. I don't see many people actually using this. Even on Halloween.

I have to admit, I'm a little confused about the release timing of this book. I think it would have a larger audience around Halloween.  Although...those with a weak stomach would do best to avoid entirely.

As a cookbook/decorating book, I'd give it a C-. As a gag gift or unique gift idea for the zombie lover, it gets a B+ from me.


  1. Holy Macaroni! This is the weirdest book I've seen in a while. Just goes to show...you can get anything published. Even zombie cupcakes.

  2. @Penelope,

    Yeah... I do not need candy maggots TYVM. Eww.