RT Convention: Day Four aka Are We Dead Yet?

Saturday was the day that officially kicked my ass. By the end of the day, I felt like I'd been in a Romance Boot Camp. Or an endurance race. I woke up early despite not having any early morning events. We stood in line for what seemed like forever at the book signing. People were doing a variety of things in line to pass the time: reading print books, reading on their phones, tweeting, taking pictures...even knitting.

I forgot to take pictures of the event itself. It was a bit overwhelming. I've been to an RWA lit signing, but it didn't seem as packed as this was with people.

I did totally geek out and put my Twitter handle on my name badge since everyone seemed to look at it to check how to spell my name at the signings. I got to meet Victoria Dahl, Andrew Shaffer, Tessa Dare, Zoe Archer, Lisa Hendrix, and quite a few other authors I've chatted with on Twitter. It was a weird feeling to know that I'd chatted with them and they (for the most part) remembered who I was!

After the signing, was the Mr. Romance contest. It was surprisingly funnier and less icky than I had anticipated. I will be doing a Mr. Romance post probably tomorrow with lots of pictures, but here's a few of the better ones!
 Drummer Dave as Jack Sparrow

 Crowd favorite (and winner) Len 

Stefan as a sheikh. Most people thought he was a boxer. Or a nun.

After Mr. Romance, I headed to the lobby where I met up with the SoCal book bloggers, including Holly from the Book Binge and Tracy from Tracy's Place. Zoe Archer and her husband Nico Rosso also stopped by (both were very sweet!) I was a little sad we only had an hour before it was time to head upstairs to the Carina Press cocktail party.

 (Check out Zoe's awesome boots---> )

After the cocktail party (no, really, there's a reason Saturday kicked my ass) was the Harlequin party. The theme was Hollywood glam, but few people dressed up. I think mainly because we were walking zombies by that point.

 In other news, the blogger dinner I attended on Wednesday (hosted by Carina Press) is mentioned in BarbaraVey's excellent blog post here. I'm the one on the far right with the very blue and purple shirt.


  1. Zoe is a boot junkie, and she always seems to be rockin' a great pair.

    I'm trying to think of what I do while waiting in various lines at RWA. Usually chat with whatever poor unsuspecting souls are near me ;)

  2. @Wendy My friend and I were coveting Zoe's boots. A different pair every day. I didn't even try to read in line. I was too busy chatting or just standing there with a tired, glazed look on my face.

  3. Trust me, at RWA and next year's RT, I will not be sporting the unlimited boot wardrobe. It was only because I could make use of my whole closet that I was able to indulge. Boots are not easy to pack!

  4. @Zoe,

    LOL! I can't imagine trying to pack boots. Next year's RWA is in CA, I think?, so maybe the RWA peeps can see them then. :)