RT Convention: Day Three

For some ridiculous reason, I keep managing to drag my butt out of bed for the morning mixers. But this time I was smart enough to snag a Starbucks mocha and muffin before we went. Dry scones and over brewed coffee just doesn't cut it for me.

We skipped a few more events today. One was unintentional, but the other two really held no interest. I did enjoy one event, though. The Naughty Hollywood event. Where else can I see CJ Hollenbach and Andrew Shaffer acting out a love scene from a movie...together?

I have the proof right here:

The Avon event was full of awesome. Big name Avon writers (Lynsay Sands, Kerrelyn Sparks, Joss Ware, Sophie Jordan and more) signing *free* books with waiters carrying around *free* margaritas. My friend, the historical reader, was a little disappointed that they all seemed paranormal. But she stocked up on bribes—err gifts for her boss who is a paranormal reader.

The Vampire Ball can best be summed up with four little letters: OMFG. Or, alternately, I'm way too sober to watch this show.

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