RT Convention: Day Two

Finding time to blog is very difficult—as I have discovered.

Day Two started out really early with a Mystery breakfast event. The first workshop my former BN cohort and I attended was Confessions of a Romance writer. Christie Craig and Faye Hughes were the panel. I didn't expect much out of it, as I hadn't heard of either author and attendance was sparse. But those two authors were hysterical, and I will be definitely buying their books.

Following that, I joined the Reader panel moderated by Sarah Wendell (Smart Bitches, Trashy Books) and Jane Litte (Dear Author). Despite occasionally being highjacked by some passionate but overly verbose Australian women, it was an interesting panel. Plus, hey, we got a chance to screw up the seating arrangements by moving the chairs into a circle.

The Samhain Steampunk tea was well attended and had the best selection of nibbles so far. And the decorations were awesome! I got to take home one of the centerpieces as a prize, but suspect I might have to have the guns shipped home or risk *another* TSA bag inspection. (sigh).

The big event of the day was the Faery Ball. Yes, I did dress up (and yes, I did feel like a jackass) but nearly everyone dressed up for the party, so I wasn't alone!

I didn't stay very long because a) shoes were killing me and b) I'm old. I fell asleep for a few minutes while trying to type up a blog post last night. Which is why I'm posting it today!

I was trying to come up with a good caption for this one (from the costume contest) but the picture speaks for itself... Oh yeah!


  1. Yeah, someone should have warned you about blogging at conferences. I swear when I'm at RWA I always end up blogging at like 2AM. I figure I'll sleep when I'm dead :)

    I so wish I was at RT to meet you in person! Argh! Stupid parents visiting this week. Stupid work obligation. Stupid Real Life interfering with my online life! LOL

  2. Aw! I'm bummed I don't get to see you, too. Esp. since I can't make RWA.

    No one warned me. Or if they did, I didn't listen. Blogging is def. a challenge. Wifi sucks here, too. Hell, tweeting is a challenge with my stone age phone.

    Damn your real life obligations! We missed you at the Blogger dinner. :)