Hump Day Classic Movie: Legend (1985)

[Photo:© Universal Studios]

Ah for the good ole days. When Tom Cruise still couldn't act, but I didn't dislike him quite so much. The 1980s were fantasy movie heaven. Between the barbarian movies (Conan, Beastmaster etc.) and the magic/fantasy movies (Dragonslayer, Labyrinth), the decade overdid the genre so heavily that it nearly disappeared from the theaters until Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings made fantasy OK again.

Legend isn't the greatest movie. In fact, it can be quite, quite bad. (It does have Tom Cruise in it, right?) But the highlight for me is the wicked way they use Tim Curry's presence. OMG does his voice fit so well with his role as the Prince of Darkness. There's none of his campy, tongue-in-cheek style here. Just menace.

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