Shhh....I'm reading (Mid-glom update)

I've been reading shifter books all week. It's true, I've been taking a break from most paranormal books, but Shelly Laurenston's books just sucked me in.

These are steamy, hilarious reads. I like that the women are all very strong and independent. I like that the men have to convince the women about love and relationships. I like that I usually end up snorting out loud while reading.

Really, they're that funny.

The only thing I've noticed, and it's largely the result of reading them back to back, is that Laurenston likes to use "tricky" a bit too much.

Overall, though, these are perfect pick-me-up reads. Not without substance, but mostly without emotionally draining angst.


  1. I've only read a few of these books, and I want to read more. I like the way the characters interact and all of the family dynamics. They seem so normal on the one hand. Except, of course, they're shape-shifters on the other hand. They do make me laugh.

  2. @Phyl,

    They are so fun! I love that they are unapologetically over the top. And yes! the families are very interesting. I love the way various siblings and cousins interact.