It's County Fair Time Again!

Why hello, there Smokey. In a time-honored tradition for our Fair (insert sarcasm) a dozen wildfires sprouted up the very next day after our parade. No, I'm not kidding. For those long time blog followers, you may remember last year's never-ending fire. These are being attacked much more aggressively, and so far are a tiny fraction of the 75,000 acre monster we endured last autumn.

I have no clue what this even is, but both boys found it hilarious. Like fall-over-laughing funny. Almost as funny as when I shrieked and squealed because I hadn't been paying attention when they fired the anvils. Right. Next. To. Me.

This was the highlight of my fair experience. It's so delightfully corny. Alaskan Racing Pigs (who, incidentally, had Oregon plates). How can you not love tiny little piggies with pun-ny names like Ham Solo or Hog-mione?

But wait! There's more!! I took video, too. Just for you.


  1. How have I managed to get through life without watching pig racing?!? That is awesome!

    Sigh, and since you posted this (and I saved it in Feedly) - Yosemite has been trying to burn down. So far, knock on wood, we've been OK in my neck of the woods. The trick will be getting through October/November (the one time we had to evacuate because of a wild fire it was early November, a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving.....)

    1. Yeah, we're getting smoke from the Rim Fire (Yosemite) the American Fire (in Tahoe National Forest) and a few brush fires in NV. Our 20 different fires are nearly contained. But it's so early in fire season, I'm paranoid every time I see a storm cloud.

      Aren't those racing pigs hysterical? It's so...corny. But also awesome.