Shattered by JoAnn Ross

First of all, kudos to Ms. Ross for having an amputee as her main character. Many authors tend to shy away from disabilities because they view them as 'downers.' And, in general, romance novels are an elite form of escapism where the point is a pick-me-up.

Ms. Ross handles the issue with an optimism that is refreshing, but also takes an easy out in the plot and logistics department by giving Shane, the main character, a super-advanced prosthetic.

Kudos to Ms. Ross as well for acknowledging the often overlooked costs of war--not just the number of the fallen, but those who come back damaged both in body and in spirit.

As for the story itself, I'd have to say that it isn't quite as good as the previous two installments in the series. My biggest grief is the constant time shifting in the narrative. One minute we're in the past, the next in the present, back to the past...it gets confusing and makes the story seem choppy.

I'm also REALLY irritated that Mike Gannon's story gets buried in the background of this one.

Overall, though, it is a compelling story about two people who get a second chance at love. And it has some pretty dramatic scenes towards the end packed full of action.

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