Lover Eternal: Black Dagger Brotherhood #2

The second installment in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series was just as satisfying as the first. The characters continue to be engaging, the plot full of suspense, the narrative voice truly edgy and unique.

My only complaint is that Ward was a little too skimpy on the important details revealed in the previous book, meaning those who start the series with THIS book will likely be a little lost. It's always a tricky balancing act to provide back story without sacrificing the current story's excitement. That's one of the pitfalls of series.

The good news for those with vampire fatigue is that this is not a series where the same character types appear over and over. Each character is VERY distinct. They are not interchangeable and you can't predict the twists and turns based on previous characters and plot lines.

The strangest thing for me is how Ward channels urban male culture here. I'm a rural country girl, so the urban slang and dialogue seems just as foreign as the more formal translated "vampire" language. That's part of what makes this series so engaging though. You can see that Ward has a good grasp on how men really are when they hang out away from women. What's important to them, how they communicate on a minimal level but understand each other nonetheless. In a lot of romance, you really don't get that deep into the men's thought processes. Or, if you do, they have a female-interpreted veneer over them. Ward's men are unfiltered, raw, and utterly believable.

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