Vision in White by Nora Roberts

I took a 2 year break from reading anything Nora Roberts. The books were increasingly disappointing and the characters irritating. I decided it was time to give Vision in White--strangely published in trade format--a chance.

Well...it was a good story. The characters were believable. The romance was actually on the sweet rather than steamy side--something I found refreshing. The plot wasn't all that compelling,but I enjoyed the book. I don't think, however, that it was one deserving of the fancy trade format or the fancy trade price.

And, for those with Nora fatigue, this may not be the best book to start with because it does echo several older Silhouette titles. She doesn't rehash the exact same characters and plots, but there are enough similarities to have you wondering if you have, in fact, read this before. She's written about female photographers before. And the bookish Carter Maguire seems to borrow heavily from MacAlister Booke from Heaven and Earth.

It was a nice change of pace, though, and I really did enjoy Carter Maguire--a nice guy who breaks that dangerous bad boy stereotype and gets his girl.

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