Review: Me and My Shadow by Katie MacAlister

The conclusion to Katie MacAlister's Silver Dragon series was a fun-filled adventure with plenty of snark, craziness, and Jim's smart ass comments.

My only problem, aside from a serious case of lack of concentration, was that it had been so long since I read the previous installments in the series that I had difficulty remembering what had happened when. And as with any series, the back story can be confusing for anyone new to the series.

We continue to see characters from the previous Dragons series (Aisling, Drake, Fiat etc) which adds to nice sense of continuity. Gabriel is nowhere close to the super annoying alpha that Drake is. Just as May is nothing at all like Aisling. It's so nice that the Silver Dragon series has its own flavor--instead of easily falling into the trap of formula.

A fun, new installment in an already excellent series.

My grade: B+

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