Review: Hunter's Salvation by Shiloh Walker

I've been steadily working my way through Shiloh Walker's backlist having started with her newest Hunters novel, Hunter's Need (which I thoroughly enjoyed). So, needless to say, I'm reading these out of order. And so far, that doesn't seem to be much of a problem other than some minor who hooks up with whom spoilage.

Vax, a witch and semi-retired Hunter, is forced back into action by "the call" that all Hunters have. He's still haunted by the death of his wife, Cora, ninety-six years ago and is content to wish for death and stew in his loneliness. So he resents being thrust into the search for whatever supernatural SNAFU is happening.

Jess Warren is a reporter trying to avenge the death of her sister--a death she believes she caused by getting too close to something while investigating. And while she, too, wishes death will claim her, she wants to get justice for her sister first. And although she has some low key psychic abilities, she's unaware that the people responsible for her sister's death are "other."

As with the Hunter's Need, Hunter's Salvation is more romantic suspense with some paranormal aspects than a paranormal romance. I could have done with a little more relationship building in this one--especially given how many veiled--or not so veiled--references there were to suicide on both Jess's and Vax's parts. They need a tangible way to move on, to create their own family and reasons for living, and I just don't think they have that depth here.

It could very well be that the suicide theme is what ruined this book for me. Both characters frequently long for death and that just bugs me. The guilt both characters suffer is understandable, but the constant self flagellation and longing for an end to the pain is a definite mood killer.

There's little I can say without giving away most of the plot, but the general impression I had of the writing was choppy and uneven. And the ending seemed a little too rushed and pat for me. A way for Vax to stay retired from the Hunters. It just rang false.

So far, I can say without any hesitation that Hunter's Salvation is my least favorite of her Hunters series. My Grade: C/C-

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