Review: Succubi Like It Hot by Jill Myles Succubus Diaries, #2

Jill Myles's Succubus Diaries series is definitely different. I really didn't like the main character all that much, but the author's writing is so darn funny that I found myself reading it at light speed to find out what happened next.

I love it (LOVE  IT) when authors have clear narrative voices. And I love stories written with humor.

I'm kind of a traditionalist when it comes to the romance label, though, so I'm not really certain Succubi Like It Hot qualifies for me. There's an ongoing struggle between our main character, Jackie, and her two main love interests... And given that she's a succubus, there isn't really an emotional connection attached to the sex. It's an itch to be scratched and that's all. Which I'm also not so okay with.

If I had to slap a label on it, I'd likely go with paranormal caper or suspense rather than romance. Because this is far more about Jackie learning the ropes of the paranormal world than it is about the relationship between Jackie, Zane and Noah. I'm pretty open minded about non-traditional relationships, but I didn't get the sense that a relationship (other than a sexual one) existed between the members of our love triangle.

But, this is the middle of three volumes. I haven't read the first one. And presumably she's going to resolve these issues with book #3.

This was a quick, fun read with plenty of action and laugh out loud hilariousness. I will definitely be reading #3.

My Grade: B+

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