The Towering TBR

Most days, I am in the middle of a few different books. Usually one upstairs, one downstairs, one on my Ipod touch and one on my computer. And maybe one in the car... that's (lemme count...um) 5 books max. So imagine my surprise when I checked out my Goodreads status to discover that I'm currently reading 9 books at once. NINE.

I have no idea why there are so many books I'm in the middle of. One book, which I finished today (Praise the Book Gods!), I have been reading for over 3 months. I just couldn't seem to stay plugged in. With the others, I seemed to have developed some rare form of bibliophile ADD. I keep getting distracted by books and lose interest in the ones I'm currently reading.

Now, I wonder if the problem is me or if these books I'm drifting away from just aren't good enough to hold my interest. I could leave the majority of them unfinished without a twitch. Not that they are necessarily bad, but they aren't stay-up-until-the wee-hours enthralling.

Regardless of the reason, I'm hoping finishing this book will have cured me of this annoying TBR madness. And while my To Be Read pile is still gargantuan, I'm hoping I'll be able to keep my currently reading shelf on Goodreads under five. Three would be even better.

What's the maximum number of books you've ever read at one time? Has the TBR madness affected you, too?


  1. This is hilarious to me b/c I am buried under a similar pile :) The stack by the bed just keeps growing (much to the hubs' chagrin) and my Goodreads currently-reading list is at 10 now. I can't help it! Some get read quickly, others will probably end up on the DNF list. Yes, it is an addiction, but it's a healthy one right? :)

  2. @janflora

    Ten? Wow. It's amazing how some books will completely push others out of the way while others just sit there, staring at you.

    I think the multi-tasking is left over from college many years ago when reading one book at a time just wasn't feasible. But 9 (or 10 :D )seems a bit excessive.

    As for addiction, you bet! And my hubby is an enabler...he took me to two different bookstores over the weekend where I picked up 7 more books!