My Hubs "Reads" Romance

My husband has never been a big print reader, and the books he did read were nearly always in the fantasy genre. But since his job requires long hours spent on the road, he's become a huge audio fan and he finds it helps him concentrate on his driving, stay alert, and keeps his mind active.

We share an Audible.com account. And because he has far more time to listen to books than I do, he tends to finish his share of books earlier than I do. Which means he ends up listening to my books. And that's how I got him hooked on romance books. Heh.

I would say his first foray into romance started with Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series. Her books are what I consider the equivalent of a romance gateway drug. They are light, conversationally written books with fun characters and some serious romantic tension. The early ones (1-6) are especially good with lots of will they/won't they tension between Stephanie Plum, Joe Morelli, and Ranger. He loved them, even going so far as to recommend them to his boss and coworkers.

Since then, he's listened to a little bit of everything, including the entire Black Dagger Brotherhood series, a handful of other vampire romances, the first JD Robb In Death Book, and the Aisling Grey series by Katie MacAlister. Scattered among the romances are his books: the old school Piers Anthony Incarnations of Immortality series, Stephen King, Clive Cussler etc.

His tastes still run more towards mystery and Urban Fantasy than straight-forward romance, though. And books told in the first person with lots of humor are still the ones that get the most play time. (He listens to them more than once.) But he doesn't make fun of the books I read, and some he really loves. Like Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost. He's been impatiently waiting for the second in the series to be released on audio for months.

I am so grateful for the audio format and really happy that my husband and I can actually discuss the same books! Even though we often disagree.

What about you? Does your partner read the same books you do? Or are you the only romance reader in your household?

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