Hump Day Classic Movie: El Dorado

I admit, I'm not  a big John Wayne fan. John Wayne played John Wayne in just about every movie he ever made. Even in the Conqueror (which is my own personal pick for worst movie ever made). But the few movies of his that I do watch nearly all have some interesting co-stars or supporting actors.

In the case of El Dorado, there's Robert Mitchum. And there's a very young, very handsome, James Caan.

I was watching a DVR'd episode of the new Hawaii Five-O starring James Caan's son Scott when I realized it had been a long time since I watched El Dorado. So I dug it out. Sure, it's pretty standard fare for a John Wayne western, but it's one of the few I actually enjoy. Because James Caan was a definite cutie in this role.

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