Winter is here. Boo!

I'm a big winter storm whiner. Even though I live in the mountains. The reason? I grew up in the valleys of Northern California. Where our big winter was when the mud puddles iced over. Even though I've now spent more time in the mountains than I ever did in the valleys, snow is still something I'm not fond of.

You have to shovel it. Because I get so much mail, and send so much mail, I'm out there shoveling off the deck, shoveling out the mailbox. I hate it.

You have to drive in it. School doesn't shut down here for snow. Ever. So I don't have the option of not driving in the snow. And since California doesn't use salt on the roads (they use a chemical de-icer which IMO doesn't work), the roads are slick.

But it does have its compensations. It is so pretty.

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