Gasp! You Haven't Read That Author Yet?

There are a few well known authors out there whose books I haven't read. Even though *everyone* says they're fabulous. Or, at least, part of a romance lexicon. It makes me feel a tiny bit illiterate sometimes.  Now most of these yet-to-be-read authors aren't a deliberate omission on my part. I'm often so overwhelmed with new releases that I rarely get a chance to read older ones. And I admit, I'm easily distracted by the shiny new release shelves.

It's a bit depressing, really, when I start listing all of the authors I haven't had a chance to read yet. Here are just a few of them!

Lora Leigh*
Kate Noble
Loretta Chase
Joss Ware*
Larissa Ione*
Nalini Singh
Carolyn Jewel*
Patricia Briggs*
Anne Stuart
Diana Gabaldon*
Ilona Andrews
Gail Carriger

*Denotes at least one book, usually the 1st in a series, lurking somewhere in my TBR.

So...once a month I'm going to try to read one of these authors (or some of the others I can't recall at the moment). Who should be first? Who is on *your* need to read list?


  1. From your list I'd pick Larissa Ione to read first. I've only read the first book of her Demonica series, but it was very good. Actually, the only other author I've read from those is Lora Leigh, so you're not alone!

    I guess at the top of my own "need to read" list is JR Ward. I feel like the only person who hasn't read the Black Dagger Brotherhood!

  2. There are so many authors I haven't read that I couldn't even begin to make a list. I am participating in a 100+ book challenge, so your list gives me some great ideas. I've always wanted to read Anne Stuart's "Breathless". The cover is gorgeous!

  3. The only one I've read on your list is Gail Carriger. And I have to say, she is fantastic (and I'm not a paranormal, steampunk kind of girl usually).

  4. @Diana,

    I have actually read the Black Dagger Brotherhood. But not until last year ;) Makes me feel a bit better. They're very...over the top.


    I'm hoping to sneak some of these authors into my TBR challenge this year.


    I've heard great things about Gail Carriger. I'm a huge Amelia Peabody fan and people have told me Carriger's main character is a lot like her. I've only recently read anything steampunk (The Iron Duke).

  5. A number of people have told me that I must read the Outlander series...

  6. LOL. I was just making a list of my own since I want to attend the RT convention in April. Most of your list are on my to read list as well as:
    # Kelley Armstrong
    # L.A. Banks
    # Rachel Caine
    # Sophie Littlefield
    # Mari Mancusi
    # Kerrelyn Sparks
    # Rachel Vincent

  7. @thebookgirl,

    The size of the Outlander books are a bit off-putting to me. I like shorter books.


    LOL I am going to RT in April!!! (My first book convention. Eep!) I've only read Kerrelyn Sparks from your list. Highly recommend Be Still My Vampire Heart. Angus is hysterical.

  8. The Outlander books intimidate me :) I'll definitely check out that Sparks book. I can't wait for this convention. Other than ALA I've never been to a book convention either. I just finished my first Jacquelyn Frank book,Jacob, and enjoyed it.