Hump Day Classic Movie: The Worst Movie Ever Made aka The Conqueror (1956)

I count this as the worst movie ever made. And I do mean ever. John Wayne as Genghis Khan is OMG awful. The script is laughingly bad. I can't make it more than a few minutes into The Conqueror without wincing. Even worse, this was filmed near the Nevada Test Site and many of the crew developed and died from cancer later in life.

This is so staggeringly bad that I think everyone should see it once. And probably only once. And should get some kind of merit badge proving they've watched it and survived.


  1. I *love* bad movies. My family used to have a bad movie night every Saturday where we just scanned HBO and Showtime for the movie with the worst or dumbest synopsis and watched it. The worst were probably a western called Desolation Canyon (hysterical) and a couple of Dinsnye movies that never should've been made. I'll remember this one for sure. :)

    That's sad about the crew and cast developing cancer, though. Kind of dampens even watching the movie.

  2. @Kat,
    I grew up watching B (or maybe C) monster movies from the 50s and 60s. I love bad movies, too. Sometimes, it's worth it just to wonder how on earth movies like this one got made. When even the stars knew it was bad.

  3. For another really deplorable movie, check out 1964's THE CREEPING TERROR.

    Not only does it feature the slowest movie monster ever--a slithering carpet-like creature with sexually suggestive appendages--but when the original soundtrack was lost, narration was added to explain what everyone was doing and saying on-screen.

    Turns out someone's even making a documentary about it, called CREEP! You can watch the trailer at www.creepfilm.com. It's a hoot!

  4. @cinemaniac,

    I haven't seen that one. I'll have to add it to horrible movie night with my mom. Something to pay her back for the Crawling Eye or the Creeping Flesh.