Shadowfever: Yeah, you can't escape it. Not even here.

Everyone should know that today is Shadowfever release day. Shadowfever by Karen Marie Moning is the long awaited conclusion to the Fever series.

I hadn't read the Fever series before last month. And while I don't have the OMG mad love that so many others seem to for this series, I can see why it is so compelling. The concept is highly original. The story is gritty. And the plot is intricate. Oh, and KMM is the queen of cliffhangers.

I feel for those who have been waiting for this book. I really do. Nothing sucks more than being left hanging, not knowing the fate of characters you're rooting for (or against).

I don't think I'm going to be hanging out on Twitter or Facebook today. Or visiting blogs. Because I am in the I Hate Spoilers camp. I don't expect readers to keep silent post-release about the book, but I want to find out what happens on my own.

Happy Reading!

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