Hump Day Movie: Fools Rush In (1997)

And, the second "date" movie that my husband will voluntarily offer to watch is...

Fools Rush In starring Selma Hayek and Matthew Perry.

Ok, granted, Salma Hayek is a large reason that my husband will watch this movie. She's gorgeous. But the main reason he doesn't grumble is because this is a funny, sweet movie. The humor is well done without making the romantic parts trite or sappy.

The scene where Matthew Perry's character comes home after spending the day with Hayek's family completely plastered on tequila and with a butt full of cactus spines is classic.

I think this one got such poor reviews upon its release because Perry was at the height of his Friends popularity and critics panned him because of it. That, and the Hollywood film elite don't like anything romantic that doesn't end with a body count. *blows raspberries*

What romantic movies (if any) will the guys in YOUR life watch without grumbling?

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