New Website Spiffiness

In case you missed my celebration on Twitter, here's the big news:

Suzanne Enoch finally updated her website! Yea!


No more autoplay music. Up-to-date book info! Book lists. Coming soon section with titles and release dates. I'm in a happy place after seeing how much more useful this site is.

So far, eagle-eyed people (not me) have only spotted a few minor errors (a few mislabeled foreign editions and the wrong publisher credited for her latest book.) Not bad for such a hefty revamp.

Don't get me wrong. I adore Suzanne Enoch's books. Really. But I get frustrated when authors I adore fail to maintain their websites because I can't direct others there for information.

Now, if we could only get Linda Howard to actually *have* a website, we'd be all set.

Way to go, Suzanne! Here's hoping the new look pays off with hefty sales and some good buzz.

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