TBR Challenge Review: Locked and Loaded by HelenKay Dimon

Format: ebook, mass market
Pub Date: August 2011
Publisher: Harlequin
FTC: Purchased myself

Yes, I'm nearly 2 full weeks late posting again. January was the month that turned my home into La Casa de Plague. Everyone was sick. Strep, ear infections, chest colds... I'm determined to get my groove back, though. 

January's theme was category romances.  I'm not much of a category reader anymore. I think I just got out the habit. Or had a few too many stinkers in a row. But having read and loved HelenKay Dimon's story in Holiday Kisses, I decided to try her category romantic suspense book, Locked and Loaded , that has been languishing, unread, on my digital TBR.

I think I'm going to have to go back and find HelenKay's full length books, or something that's not romantic suspense, because this one didn't work for me the same way her novella did. Her voice was...different, and I'm not sure if it's the genre, format, or just the book.

The plot revolves around WitSec and a private for-hire security team. Maybe I would have liked this one more if I had read the previous installments in the series, but I doubt it. The heroine felt flat to me. And the hero wasn't much better. Neither had much discernible emotion.  At least of the romantic kind.

My Grade: C-

The Blurb:

Nothing was as it seemed… Not even the protection Maddie Timmons was promised when she'd entered the Witness Security Program. One of her handlers was missing, the other had burned her, and now Maddie was at risk.

All that stood between her and certain death was one sexy stranger.

Deep undercover, Recovery Project agent Adam Wright vowed to keep Maddie safe from the leak at WitSec. But Adam wasn't prepared for the confident woman he'd rescued, the sensuous lover who got under his skin. He could do nothing about her past being taken away, but he'd do anything to secure her future…even if it meant forsaking his own…

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