RT Convention: Day 2

So...I didn't get this posted yesterday. Not much of a surprise. Busy, busy, busy.

Here are a few highlights from Thursday.

Historical Author Chat: Mary Balogh was unable to attend, but Lorraine Heath kindly stepped in to take her place.

Lorraine Heath, Jennifer Blake

Loretta Chase, Sarah MacLean

From the fictional Mad Libs game. Readers supplied nouns, adjectives and adverbs to a pre-written scene by the authors. We ended up with frogs in corsets and other hilarity.

Katharine Ashe

A big highlight for many (and me!) was the paranormal reader chat with Nalini Singh, Charlaine Harris and Jeaniene Frost. We learned that Charlaine has another TV series in development, that Jeaniene Frost isn't as opposed to an Ian book as she was before (and even knows who the heroine will be). And that Nalini Singh has to try very hard not to spoil future plot points: like a ghost's identity.

There was also a Steampunk//Gaslamp gathering, the Samhain Stampede party, and the Scottish Fling that evening. A lot of events, and I am definitely feeling that today.


  1. Sounds like an awesome day. I wish I was there. *Fingers crossed* for next year.

  2. @Susie,

    It's a lot of fun!


    It is worth it, even if it is expensive. Just the chance to chat with others about romance without the slightest hint of a sneer makes it wonderful for me.