Blog Tour Review: Lucky in Love by Jill Shalvis

Format: Mass Market Paperback, ebook
Pub Date: May 22, 2012
Publisher: Grand Central/Forever (Hachette)
Length: 341 pages
FTC: Review copy courtesy of the publisher

It's probably a good thing no one was around to witness my booty shake when my copy of Lucky in Love arrived in the mail. I loved the first three in the Lucky Harbor series, and just knew I'd love this one, too. I live in a small town in the Sierras, so I'm very critical of small town romances. This one balances the good aspects of small town life with the very real negative aspects. But then, I've never met a Jill Shalvis small town romance I didn't love.

For those familiar with the series, this is Mysterious Cute Guy's story. We don't get a lot of page time with him in the previous books, but he does make an appearance or two on the town's Facebook page.  His real name is Ty Garrison, former member of the military and current private operative out for a time with an injury and in Lucky Harbor to recuperate. His plans go awry, however, when he's bashed by a falling tree limb during a ferocious spring storm and rescued by three women trapped in the local diner by the snow.

One of the women, Mallory Quinn is a notorious good girl. The biggest thing on her agenda is raising money for a Health Services Clinic. She never steps a toe out of line...until she sort of makes a date for a fundraiser with a barely conscious Ty at the urging of her newly made friends from the diner. And she gets naughtier from there.

This book is classic Shalvis: quirky, nosy neighbors and interfering family members, humor, heat, and heart. It's the kind of book you read with a smile on your face and finish with a deep sigh of happiness.There are also some surprises here, though, for long time Shalvis fans.

Ty Garrison is probably her edgiest character to date. The most damaged, physically and emotionally. And there's some really early heat and chemistry. Normally we're treated to a slow build into a physical relationship, but that part happens quite early in Lucky in Love, leaving the emotional connection to follow much more slowly.

I really liked how complex both Mallory and Ty are, although I felt like Ty had a much stronger growth arc. I wish the "Chocoholics" parts of the book were more than just a series hook. It felt very artificial. Like those scenes were added merely as a device to provide some friendly advice between the girls.

Overall, this is another, excellent small town romance from Jill Shalvis. She's a go-to author for me, and I recommend her to everyone who enjoys small town stories. You can't go wrong with one of her books.

My Grade: A-

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